The best way for a child to grow socially, emotionally, and intellectually, is with a well-balanced early child education program that helps to develop their self-confidence. At John Kenney Child Care Center at Heller Park in Edison, NJ, we understand every child is unique and has their own set of needs. Our preschool program follows the HighScope curriculum which is a research based, child directed curriculum which fosters independence and critical thinking.

Daily routines are arranged to support active learning which includes teacher-directed small group activities in math, language, writing, and science, as well as large group activities for music and movement. Our children are assessed using the COR assessment tool.

Kids playing with toys

Attendance & Teacher Ratio

At John Kenney Child Care Center at Heller Park, children attend preschool or kindergarten on a full-time, full-day basis. We have five class rooms and children are grouped according to age and developmental level. Enrollment is limited to ensure a low teacher/pupil ratio.

Teacher/Pupil Ratios
Rooms: Teachers: Pupils:
Yellow Room 1 5
Green Room 1 6
Blue Room 1 7
Red Room 1 7
Orange Room/Kindergarten 1 8
Preschool in Edison NJ

We are proud to offer a variety of daily activities in each room that helps develop the physical, social, creative, and intellectual skills of our children. Learning is achieved through planned play activities.

Ages and Stages-3 and LAP are used to screen for developmental delays and to plan for individuals needs. Several special programs are scheduled each month. Some examples of special programs include: pony rides, puppet shows, musical concerts, magic shows, and petting zoos.

Preschool in Edison NJ

Kindergarten Program

Our full-day kindergarten program follows the Common Core Standards and we include: Everyday Mathematics Program from the University of Chicago, Writer's Workshop for writing curriculum, Guided Reading Program, Fry sight word list, and Science activities.

Lunch & Snacks

Two snacks are provided daily and lunch is either brought from home or purchased for an additional fee.

Preschool in Edison NJ

Nap Time

Children nap on mats provided by the center. Kindergarten children do not nap.

Exercise & Relaxation

The daily gym period, outdoor playground, and recreation room provide an outlet for motor activities, while the classroom, library and quiet room provide space for quieter pursuits.

Parent Involvement

Our active Parent-Teacher Club plans many activities throughout the year, including the family Halloween party, our Holiday party, the Dr. Seuss party, and more. Parents are encouraged to participate in daily activities, and parent conferences are held twice a year so parents can hear how their child is doing.

Preschool in Edison NJ

Providing Quality Child Care & Kindergarten Since 1987

John Kenney Child Care Center at Heller Park in Edison, NJ provides children with a safe, loving, and nurturing environment. Our staff and teachers are committed to helping your child grow and blossom both emotionally and mentally.

For more information on how to enroll your child into our child care center or kindergarten program, please contact us today at 732-287-4888. We look forward to hearing from you!