Day Care in Edison NJ

Designed with Kids in Mind

Our facility at John Kenney Child Care Center at Heller Park was specifically designed for children. It includes 5 self-sufficient classrooms, a gym, indoor recreation room, a garden, and large outdoor play area. The outside play equipment meets the new standards for safety. Almost all of our interior walls are lined with windows so children can be observed constantly. Bathrooms are conveniently located within every classroom.

Your Child's Safety is Our Priority

Day Care in Edison NJ

To ensure the safety of our children and staff, our building is equipped with a state of the art key fob entry system, so anyone entering our facility will need to have a fob in order to get in. Our outside playground is equipped with an enclosed fence to ensure no child can wander off, and no stranger can wander in. We also have hidden panic buttons located throughout the building that when pressed, alert local authorities that immediate assistance is needed.

Our entire facility is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system, as well as a security system connected to a central monitoring system.

All parents must sign a notarized authorization form, to be kept on file, that states who exactly has permission to take the child from our center and who will assume responsibility in case of an emergency. Children will NOT be released to anyone who is not authorized on the form.

Day Care in Edison NJ

Our Dedicated Staff

Each classroom at John Kenney Child Care Center at Heller Park has a full time teacher with a Bachelor's degree and two assistant teachers. Assistants may be college students or someone with prior child care experience. All of our staff members receive yearly training for professional growth, and are trained in CPR and first aid.

Newly hired staff members must receive a physical exam and drug screening test, as well as a fingerprint and background check.

Roxanne Martin – Director of Operations

Day Care in Edison NJ

Roxanne Martin holds a Bachelor's degree in Education with a minor in Early Childhood Education. Since 1993, she has been in the field of early childhood education and in charge of our financial operations. Roxanne became our director in July of 2014.